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sustainable wellness is here.
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Eating for Your Skin

In June's issue of A. Wellness Note, we are kicking of the summer with the topic of Summer Wellness.  Have you ever considered that as the seasons change, our bodies may require and need different things? Seasonal wellness is an important thing to consider as we pursue being caretakers of our body.

One of the needs amidst Summer is for skin health -- our skin is exposed to the sun (not necessarily a bad thing -- subscribe and get June's issue to find out why) more than ever, so we want to protect it and nourish it from the inside out. Specifically, we want to focus on foods that are anti-inflammatory, high in omega-3's, vitamin A, and antioxidants, while avoiding processed foods that are lacking these nutrients and can add to the inflammatory process -- refined carbohydrates, refined sugar, and omega-6 fats (in excess).  

Below is a non-comprehensive list of foods that are high in those three vital needs, especially in the summer. I've grouped them by category in hopes it a little less visually overwhelming: 

  • Green Leafy Vegetables, Broccoli, Beets, Cilantro, Carrots, Spinach, Winter Squash, Tomatoes
  • Blueberries, Pineapple, Blackberries, Strawberries, Mangoes, Peaches
  • Chia Seeds, Flax Seeds, Hemp Seeds, Turmeric, Cod Liver Oil, Elderberry, Goji Berry, Hot Peppers/Cayenne, Cinnamon, Ginger, Coconut Oil
  • Grass-fed Meat, Wild Game Meat, Salmon, Albacore Tuna, Sardines, Egg Yolks, Walnuts, Pecans, Bone Broth, Organ Meats (Beef Liver)
What I love most about the list above is that you'll find the produce listed are the ones that are also in season during the summer. Isn't that amazing? Another reason to eat seasonally and pay attention to seasonal wellness.



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