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{Most Asked About} Product Guide

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I have put together a list of products that I have been asked about the most over the last year, whether its workout gear, clothes, accessories, or supplements! These are things I personally love, own, and use on the reg (if not, daily!), but also each item has been asked about by y'all multiple times. I broke them down into categories along with individual links for easy browsing. I hope this is a helpful guide to have most everything in one place (I'll keep updating) for random shopping and especially Christmas shopping/wish list making! Let's get started. 

2. Zella Live In High Waisted Leggings (The fabric + thickness makes them perfect for around the house/under long shirts leggings too. Not just the gym)
3. Bearded Goat Jade Top and Leggings 
4. Adidas Kaptir X Shoes | size down 1/2 size 
6. Workout Bands | all bands are different resistance
7. Skull Candy Uproar Wireless Headphones | link one and link two 
9. Silicon Workout Rings | I have two (grey + white) that I like to stack 
1. MRM Vanilla Protein Powder (or chocolate) | great price for quality + ingredients 
2. Ancient Nutrition Pumpkin Spice Bone Broth Protein | great for those with whey allergies or plant-based protein sensitivity | I also like the salted caramel one!
4. Elderberry Gummies | My kids and I take these everyday through cold + flu season + take 4x a day when sick 
5. Vitamin D drops | add them to your water/liquid. It's so important in fall and winter months. It's incredible for your immune system + mood during that specific season. We triple to the dose when sick. 
6. Magnesium Powder + Gummies | incredible for your sleep, digestion, and mood along with many other things. Magnesium is responsible for over 300 biochemical reactions in our body + most are depleted. 
7. Probiotics | if you are new to probiotics take 1x every other day for a few days before taking everyday to help your gut adapt. 
8. Kids Probiotics | Option One and Options Two (powder form. I mix it into their milk when they are younger) 
1. Beau Hudson Beanie | Black + Olive Green
5. Ear Climbers | Gold 
4. Gemma Mules | Quality is amazing
5. Tough as a Mother Tee | Size up 1-2x 
6. Dad Jeans | Size down. Looks so great with a body suit or a crop tee.
7. Spanx Leather Leggings | quality is amazing 
8. Crop Olive Green Hoodie | I wear this to the gym and with high waisted jeans 
9. Henley Waffle Knit Long Sleeve | Oversized/loose fit, Cream Color 
11. Slip on Slippers | I have had mine forever and they are SO comfy
3. GoStak Twist n Lock Storage Jars | these are perfect to take along supplements, pack nuts, dressings, dips, granola + berries for yogurt, etc! 
4. Healthy Human Tumblers | they come in different sizes and I absolutely love the patterns. They keep coffee warm and water cold! 
5. Stasher Bags | I have been slowly stocking up on these and I absolutely love them. 
6. Frother | you know this is a daily use to make my collagen coffee! 
7. Meal Prep Containers | one-compartment and three-compartment 
9. Kids Lunch Containers | we use these for school every week and for anytime we road trip, go to the park, etc! They are very durable.
10. Silicone Baking Liners | I use these for muffins, egg muffins, or to use as food storage/separator in a larger container
1. Revitalash Serum | this stuff is magic + doesn't irritate my eyes one bit. I used it everyday for 6 weeks and now just use it a few times a week to maintain. It lasts forever and has been a game changer for my lashes!
2. T3 Curling Iron | Christmas is definitely the time to ask/invest for this! It's expensive and I normally never buy anything in this price range, let alone a curling iron. I got it for Mother's Day one year and its the best! 
3. Jade Facial Roller | If anything, this feels so good. It improves circulation and boosts collagen production. I use the large side on my cheeks and jaw line and smaller side on forehead, nose, and under eyes. 
4. Eye Shadow Pallete | I got this for a gift one Christmas and the eye shadow colors are so beautiful. I use it everyday -- I think Ive had it for a year, maybe more, and there is still a ton of shadow left. Great gift option. 
5. Maybelline Peach Buff Matte Lipstick | if you are wondering what lipstick I am wearing ever, its 99.999% of the time this. I use a nude liner and then this lipstick on top.  It dresses up or down! 

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