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My New Coffee Routine: Mushroom Coffee

Four Sigmatic Gut Health Immune Boosting Immunity Mushroom Coffee Supplements

Don't be alarmed by the words "mushroom coffee". I know you're imagining the mushrooms in the produce section mashed up with hot water, and you're like okay good try, Amanda.  I can assure you that you'll never find me creating that concoction, because I LOVE actual coffee and Four Sigmatic has figured out how to make mushroom coffee happen + keep that delightful taste that is coffee.  Even if you aren't a fan of the mushroom taste, don't leave yet! First, let's get two things out of the way, 1) mushroom coffee doesn't taste like mushrooms, and 2) no, they will not make you high. No psychedelic mushrooms here, thank you!

We are talking functional mushrooms (as opposed to the culinary mushrooms you find at the grocery store)! What does that mean? Functional, meaning they have medicinal/supplemental benefits, which we will lay out below. Before we do that, here are some quick facts about functional mushrooms:

  • They are not in the plant kingdom; and therefore not a vegetable. They have their own separate fungi kingdom.
  • Over 40% of all pharmaceuticals use fungi with penicillin being the most well known.
  • We share about 50% of the same DNA with mushrooms/fungi. Unlike plants (using photosynthesis), mushrooms cannot produce their own food.  They breathe oxygen and need to eat food to grow and survive.  
  • People have been using mushrooms for thousands of years for health benefits. They have used it for anti fungal, anti bacterial, a source of Vitamin D, gut health, and for energy.
  • If they grow on trees or should grow on trees, then they are good for you, generally speaking. Growing on the ground? Mostly a no go.

There is a little bit of overlap between some culinary mushrooms and functional mushrooms as some go between both categories. While culinary have a lot of great nutrients, functional mushrooms are extremely nutrient-dense and packed with benefits in a small amount. Every mushroom has a different function and purpose, but all of them have the common benefit of immunity and gut health.  Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee includes a variety of mushrooms in their products. Here is a quick summary of the one's that are in my favorite products + the purpose of each one:

CHAGA - incredibly high in antioxidants and for skin health. Drink - Mushroom Coffee Latte Mix , Mushroom Mocha Mix

LION'S MANE - brain health,  focus, productivity Drink - Ground Mushroom Coffee Mix, 

CORDYCEPS - energy production by potentially increasing your  maximum oxygen intake. Drink - Mushroom Coffee Mix 

REISHI - calming, adaptogenic (helps the body adapt to stressors), immunity, + longevity. Drink - Mushroom Hot Cacao

(P.S. you can get 15% off using my code AWILSON)


I have been changing up my coffee routine with Four Sigmatic products for a few weeks.  In the morning, I'll brew the Ground Mushroom Coffee mix to get the benefits of Lion's Mane and pouring hot water over the Mushroom Coffee Latte or Mocha Mix in the afternoon.  I love it mostly because coffee time is my favorite time and I don't feel like this is an extra step in my day to get the benefits of a supplement! 

To elevate this coffee situation even more, I love adding my collagen peptides, a little almond milk, and use my coffee frother to mix it all together.  A frothy, latte-esque situation right at home with all the added benefits. 

Use my code AWILSON for 15% off your Four Sigmatic order!

You'll find more of my coffee mixes + daily drinks over at @awilsonwellness. 

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