sustainable wellness is here.
sustainable wellness is here.
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One thing I have learned in my own wellness journey and in walking alongside so many in theirs is that movement needs to be: accessible, realistic, rewarding, and joyful. Those things are also the key to creating a habit.

So, I'm sharing a few easy ways to do just that! Everything is linked below. 


Waist Trainer | $16

I use this to help engage my core in any workout. Engaging your core is essential to true, healthy strength but also in building a toned, strong core. I personally need help in this area as I have diastisis recti from pregnancies. This helps my ab muscles to pull together and strengthen from the inside out.  

Booty Bands | $18

These bands are great quality and stay in place, which is very important because a band rolling up mid move is not awesome.  These are specifically for your lower body. They allow you to do a very effective lower body workout at home using resistance OR pair them with your regular weighted moves for an extra challenge. Each band has a different level of resistance (light, medium, heavy). 

Sliding Discs | $8

These are so easy to store and give you an incredible variety in a workout.  The natural resistance they create in your muscles is truly surprising. Visit my #awilsonworkout on IG to find my disc workout. 

Yoga Cards | $25  and Body Weight Cards | $25

These are an easy resource to have on hand. All moves are drawn out and explained in written form. Cards are numbered and you pick the card according to the flow or workout you choose. 

Massage Gun | $44

I think this explains itself. It's such a cool tool to have on hand and feels amazing after those muscles have worked out hard for you! 

Jump Rope | $11

A classic workout equipment that results in an extremely effective workout. I like to jump rope for 30 min - 1 min between strength training sets! Low on time? Set timer for 5-10 minutes and jump rope for 30 seconds, rest for 20. 

Whoop Band | $30/month membership 

*with the link, you can get 1 month free! 

This product is still something I'm learning, but in the best way! I would've easily quit a workout (out of a mental block) if I didn't have this guy calculating my strain, telling me I could keep going. I specifically like that it tracks strain and not steps, because strain is seen in movement when you're not stepping (lifting weights, rowing, spin, etc). I've also been really focusing on quality sleep and seeing the tracking of it has been so eye opening! This is an incredible tool to have to further your wellness. 

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