Free Preview Issue

Free Preview Issue

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A free preview issue of the 'A. Wellness Note' monthly subscription. Here's a breakdown of the categories you'll find in each issue. 


You’ll receive a 1-2 week food prep plan. Food prep is the strategy of prepping elements of a meal – proteins, veggies, etc – to have them available to mix and match during the week as you please. This will not be an exact meal plan, but allows you to have clean, real food available to throw together when you are in a crunch.


We all know that certain food is healthy or that we “should” be eating particular things. What we don’t know is the “why” behind it all. Let’s be honest, if you don’t know better, you probably won’t do better. The purpose of this category is to help increase your knowledge of what food does in and for your body.


Big words, concepts, ideas, and supplements are thrown around in the health world making us feel overwhelmed because we feel like we should be following along, but we don’t understand them or why they are even important. This is where we will break down those things into everyday language, allowing you to understand it in a way that leaves you feeling equipped with knowledge for your unique health journey.


Having goals for wellness is good – they keep us on track and focused. However, they can be overwhelming when we make them too broad, complicated, or far-reaching. We will be focusing on one, simple goal a month. A month is a suitable time frame to alter priorities and habits, and when they start to build upon one another they can result in lifestyle change.


In order for overall health to be a lifestyle, the goal can’t just be about how you look. Positive body changes are a big plus when pursuing wellness, but in order for this to become a lifestyle, a new normal, a default, we must be sure that our mindset has been altered to approach fitness and nutrition in a healthy, sustainable way. We will address the heart and mind behind the pursuit of wellness.


There are so many amazing resources for workout plans and schedules, so I don’t need to recreate that here. However, I do believe that weight lifting/strength training is a key element missing in many people’s workout routine. Weight lifting is also one of the most popular topics I’m asked about on my Instagram concerning fitness. Each month, you’ll receive an upper body and lower body workout. This will avoid overwhelm and also allow you to build a library of weight lifting workouts.


We all know there are many products out there that can be great additions to a healthy lifestyle. I will be reviewing and recommending products that I believe are a worthy consideration and teaching you why! This section may correlate with “What the Health” or “Food is Fuel” from time to time, but may stand independent. You may even find discount codes here on occasion!