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Adult Lunch Box Plan

Adult Lunch Box Plan

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Meal prep can be cool. But having some extra time is also cool. I like to keep things simple around here! So, I'm tackling lunch time by applying the concept of a kids lunch box to create an adult lunch box guide.

You'll find 12 lunchbox combos, how to's, brand and product recommendations, and allergy substitutions all laid out for you.

In using this guide, you'll find it accomplishes a few things:
1) allows you to fuel yourself well in a simplified way
2) encourages and teaches a well-rounded meal of protein, carbs, and fats 3) takes away the mental energy of planning what to eat for lunch
4) decreases the amount of time you spend on fueling yourself well

My goal with the contents of each combo was to either have no prep at all required or very minimal. You'll be throwing lunch together in no time while fueling yourself well.

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